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May 10, 2012
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Forest Faerie by Arsinoes Forest Faerie by Arsinoes
Originally started for a CGHUB challenge, but I missed the deadline and left it unfinished. I found this file a few days ago and decided to finish it. Was fun :D

Here's the original brief from CGHUB (though I didn't stick to it much in the end):

BRIEF: Design a hybrid forest-faerie with the appearance of a young girl. She is Selva, daughter of Mother Earth.

Character Types: Mythical
Setting: Enchanted Forests
Race: Forest Spirits (of Earth)
Challenge Limitations: Show Selva in a full view, any pose. Must not show any artificial clothing attire - it should be all natural. Tattoo markings should look natural as well. Her eyes must adhere to the description, but you may choose any skin tone you wish. She must look hauntingly beautiful (artist's discretion).

We're in enchanted lands now, a large forest, where the present modern day of this world crosses the magical borders of the Fae, or spirit-faeries. It's fall now, but the weather is still warm with some nice breezy cool days, and the occasional thunder shower that gives a greener hue to the tall grasses and numerous trees. 2 campers, a young couple, have lost their way and had no choice but to camp out in a restricted part of their national forest on a side of a tree-filled mountain overlooking a narrow valley. At nightfall, they encounter a young girl, teenage in appearance, and she is accompanied by 2 wolves, and yellowish-green lights that hover in the air close to her. The girl is dressed in leaves, branches, flowers, and grass with designs on her skin that look like tattoos or scarification, but the markings on her skin appear to be moving, disappearing and re-appearing. Her face is lovely, but with large, glossy, daunting eyes that shimmer with greens and golds in her irises, and she has a bewildered look upon her face as she looks back at the 2 campers - they are the first humans she has ever seen. She is in a semi-defensive posture, with one hand pointing at the 2 wolves behind her, commanding them to be still. Her name is Selva, and she is the daughter of Mother Earth.
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very nice! 
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I love it! Very expressive. :)
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Thanks ;)
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i like this ^_^ submit on groups for more exposure
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